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free seo audit tools

When it comes to the SEO Audit, try treating your website like a living organism. It constantly changes and adapts to its environment, gets sick and gets better, renews its cells. Thousands of processes take place in your body simultaneously, which is why taking care of it is extremely important for it to function properly. 

The idea behind SEO audits is similar. They help you notice issues and prevent them, adjust to the changes in the world of search engines, and make sure you get the most out of your SEO strategy. 

Why is that? First of all, Google’s Algorithms and Webmaster’s Guidelines are constantly changing — it’s important to monitor what’s happening in the world of SEO to adjust your strategy accordingly. Besides, you may have some site errors that an audit can bring to light, and you can get more information on traffic performance. All of this information can give you a fresh perspective and enables you to update content accordingly. 

You can benefit from free website SEO audit tools that show you the technical aspects of the website, traffic and keywords insights, backlink monitoring, competitors’ strategies, and more. 
In this article, you’ll find a free SEO audit tools list as well as the features they offer. SEO audit has never been so easy to perform.

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking SEO Audit Tool will help you bring your site’s on-page, off-page and technical optimization to a new level. The tool is offered as a part of SE Ranking’s all-in-one platform that covers the full cycle of your SEO process, including rank tracking, website technical audit, keyword and traffic analysis, competitor research, backlink monitoring, and more.

All of the data in the platform is provided in easy-to-read clickable graphs and dashboards, making it simple to quickly find the information you need.

SE Ranking seo checker

Among free SEO audit tools, Website Audit from SE Ranking really stands out. This free SEO audit software enables you to score your website’s technical setup in 2 minutes and get tips on improving its performance in search. Crawl up to 1000 pages in about 2 minutes and filter results however you want to focus on the issues that matter most.

Analyze every single website metric from a straightforward dashboard, and find essential parameters visualized on various performance graphs.

If you see something that you don’t understand or need help fixing, you can always take advantage of issue descriptions and a how-to-fix guides that accompany every issue in the tool. The tool was designed to make SEO accessible to everyone, which is why you shouldn’t have problems figuring out your best next move.

Over time, you are encouraged to re-audit your website to measure your progress and see if you are moving in the right direction. Plus, if you’re working with big teams, you can always share the results of the audit report with your colleagues and clients to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

When scoring your website, the tool provides an overall health score to assess the site’s technical condition, it also checks your site’s Core Web Vital scores that enhance the user experience, and dives deep into every type of issue that’s holding your site back.

In addition, SE Ranking’s Website Audit tool offers an XML sitemap generator that you can leverage to inform Google which web pages of your site need to be crawled and indexed.

For seasoned SEO professionals, Website Audit offers loads of customization options that let you adjust audit settings to your specific needs, change report parameters, and even choose which issues to ignore and which ones to monitor closely.

The platform supports the most popular search engines (including YouTube), any geographical location, plus it has a worldwide keyword database to support your marketing initiatives.

SE Ranking SEO platform offers one of the best value-cost ratios on the market so we definitely recommend it. Give one of the best free SEO audit tools a try by clicking on the button below.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush is another powerful research and auditing tool that’s used for tracking organic keywords, backlinks, researching competitors, and PPC keywords. Use SEMRush when you’re looking to track the data of your competition so that you can utilize what’s working for them to improve your website rankings. 

semrush seo audit tool

 Some of the main features in SEMRush include:

  • Locating ad copies of competitors
  • Visibility of a competitor’s ad budgets and strategies
  • Analyzing backlinks
  • Locating top advertisers and publishers
  • Build effective advertising campaigns
  • Locate the top-performing keywords for PPC and SEO
  • Export detailed analytical reports into an Excel file
  • Thorough website audit and position tracking

SEMRush is definitely a tool you should check out. Click the link below to get a free trial of SEMRush.

3. Woorank

Woorank SEO Audit Tool is the perfect tool that allows you to analyze your website, whether you’re an SEO agency, digital marketing company or website owner. woorank seo tool The tool gives you detailed information on off-page SEO, on-page SEO, backlinks, broken links and broken pages. It then gives you practical recommendations that help you improve overall site ranking and visibility. Woorank offers users free and paid versions. All your audit reports can be downloaded in PDF format. Their reports are simple to read and understand and allow you to easily repair and improve issues with your websites.

4. Raven tools

The Raven tools On-Page SEO Checker analysis software provides high-quality reports of all SEO issues and suggestions. The tool provides recommendations for on-site design, backlinks, social media reputation, page load speeds, and overall online reputation. raven tools seo tools It also gives you a list of additional SEO tools you can use for research and website optimization. Raven Tools is simple to use when you want to create reports that help you with marketing, auditing, and social media prowess. This is a great solution for businesses that want to increase their website rankings and run effective marketing campaigns.

5. Moz SEO Audit Tool

You probably know that Moz is considered to be one of the best SEO tool providers and is also an SEO agency themselves. Seasoned website owners utilize Moz tools very extensively for SEO purposes. You can use Moz Rank, Domain Authority, and Page Authority as metrics when you’re link-building with other websites. Moz provides free and professional (paid) tools that are targeted for small businesses as well as enterprise-level businesses. The tools they offer include:
  • MozBar
  • Keyword explorer
  • Open site explorer
  • Business console
  • Business listing
  • Complete research categories
No matter the size of your business, Moz is a must-have for your SEO.

6. WebCEO Audit Tool

WebCEO is a powerful auditing tool that locates any and all problems on your site. Some of the features of WebCEO include:
  • Link building
  • Keyword optimization
  • SEO performance reporting
  • Competitor analysis
This tool is a SaaS platform that’s mostly used to monitor and track SEM campaigns, managing links, keeping up with competitor activity and optimizing keywords.

7. SpyFu On-Page SEO Tool

SpyFu is one of the best tools for extracting your competition’s insights and allowing you to see all of their online activity. It’s extremely useful for businesses and enterprises for the purposes of digital marketing and sales activities. spyfu ppc tool SpyFu’s main features include:
  • Inbound click visibility
  • Organic search
  • Top keywords
  • PPC search
When you put a URL into the SpyFu homepage, you’ll instantly receive all the insights of that website and its competitors. This information will include the keywords they are using, the number of searches, backlinks and more.

8. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a completely free SEO auditing tool that’ll analyze an entire website and give results in six different categories of SEO such as SEO issues, mobile usability, server functionality, social media prowess, semantic web, and site security. SEO Site Checkup has features such as:
  • SEO reporting
  • Competition analysis
  • SEO monitoring
  • SEO issues repair
This is truly a comprehensive and complete SEO tool that provides website owners and agencies with data that pertains to site health, search engine rankings, website performance and failed site checks.

9. Found’s SEO Audit Tool

Found’s SEO Audit tool allows digital marketers and SEO agencies to track down problems with websites and figure out how to fix them. All you need to do is put a URL into this tool and you’ll get complete audit details as they relate to content issues, technical issues, and external link analysis. You can then download the results directly into a PDF for future reference, or to share with clients.

10. SEOptimer all in one SEO Tool

SEOptimer is your free go-to auditing tool when you need to find errors on websites. After you paste in a URL, it’ll recommend the right procedures to improve how the site ranks in search engines. You can also download the Chrome extension for better ease of use.

11. Screaming Frog SEO Crawling Tool

Screaming Frog is a crawling tool and desktop program to use when you want to analyze and audit an entire website. It gives you key insights on any SEO issues on your site by crawling every detail of it. Screaming Frog will examine parameters such as outbound links, site links, anchor texts, meta descriptions, broken links, website security, ALT tags, response times and much more. It will allow you to crawl up to 500 URLs completely free. After this, you will need to pay for the service. But do you really have 500 URLs to audit?

12. Bing Webmaster Tools

Even though Google’s Webmaster Tools seem to get all the attention, Bing Webmaster Tools offer an incredible suite of site and search analytics. Some of Bing’s most useful tools include keyword research, keyword reports, and crawling data.

13. Google Data Studio Reporting Tool

When you need to merge data that comes from differing sources (such as Google Analytics and Search Console), then need to visualize and share it, Google’s Data Studio is your go-to. To get a better idea of the SEO dashboards and tests that you can build free of charge, take a look at the Google Data Studio Resources.

14. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

Enhanced Google Analytics Annotation is a powerful Chrome plugin that overlays useful data over the top of your analytics. For example, do you know if your dip-tin traffic is due to a recent Google algorithm update, or is it because of an upcoming holiday? This plugin will show you exactly which outside influences are impacting your traffic. You can easily screenshot this information for future reference, or to send to clients that count on your for better understanding of their site traffic.

15. Google Analytics

We’d be amiss if we didn’t showcase Google Analytics as a key SEO audit and analysis tool. Since 2005, it’s been the big dog in the world of SEO. In fact, it’s the most widely used analytics package in the world. Even as a completely free tool, it’s incredibly robust and works in conjunction with other products from Google, such as Search Console, Optimize and Data Studio. Some users have voiced concerns that Google Analytics uses its data in ways that cause privacy concerns. However, Google states that they don’t use any user data provided in Google Analytics for marketing or unfair manipulation of search rankings.

16. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console could be the most useful free SEO tool on this entire list. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to perfect modern-day SEO without accessing the data you’ll get inside of Search Console. Simply stated, it’s by far the most reliable place for finding information about how Google crawls and ranks your websites. It’s also one of only a few places that you can gain access to 100% reliable keyword data.

17. Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero is a tool that solves the issue of missing keyword data by using abundant advanced machine learning and mathematics. Although it’s not a perfect tool, if you’re struggling to match keywords with on-site metrics such as conversions, Keyword Hero is a positive step in the right direction for your business. Best of all, the tool is completely free for up to 2,000 sessions each month. That should be enough to allow you to thoroughly explore the keyword situations on your websites.

18. MozCast

MozCast is the idea of Dr. Pete and is the original tracker of Google SERP. Think of it as your go-to tracker for when there are changes in search algorithms or other large-scale changes. But it doesn’t just find the big changes. It’ll also alert you to changes that fly under the radar. Additionally, its SERP tracking features are also useful by showcasing how prominent your ads are, and gives you access to important knowledge panels.

19. Beam Us Up

If you’re looking for a completely free crawler for your desktop, it’s hard to do better than Beam Us Up. While it doesn’t employ that amount of features that Screaming Frog does, it offers 100% free crawling without any limits whatsoever. Note that Beam Us Up can only be used in Windows environments.

20. Link Redirect Trace

Link Redirect Trace is a free extension you’ll find on Google Chrome. Many expert SEO professionals highly recommend this tool as an “all-in-on redirect path analyzer.” The extension works to reveal info about basic link metrics, HTTP headers, robots.txt and rel canonicals. When you want to capture data for later reference, the “Save Screenshot” tool comes in very handy. Get this extension into your SEO analysis toolbox.

21. Redirect Path

This tool is similar to Link Redirect Trace. Ayima’s Redirect Path showcases header information and current redirect paths for every single URL you land on. Once you start using this extension, you’ll never turn it off. The insights Redirect Path provides are that powerful.

22. SEOlyzer

SEOlyzer is a tool for log analysis that’s been recommended by Aleyda Solis during her SEO podcast “Crawling Mondays.” This tool is a robust log analysis tool with some extra features such as page categorization and real-time analysis.

23. Xenu

Xenu is on nearly every free SEO audit tools list and has been for years. And there’s a good reason for that. Xenu is a Windows-based desktop crawler that has remained almost unchanged for the past 10+ years. Even after all of this time, many SEO experts still use and love this tool when looking for broken links and basic site auditing. We’ll leave this recommendation here for both useful and sentimental reasons. If you haven’t used Xenu yet, it’s definitely worth a shot.

24. Moz Keyword Explorer

To succeed, you want to outrank your competition on all fronts. The Keyword Explorer from Moz allows you to do just that. If you’re not already familiar with this all-in-one keyword research tool, it’s time to put it in your toolbox. It gives over 500 million keyword suggestions with the most accurate ranges of volume in the entire industry. You’ll also get the famous Moz Keyword Difficulty Score, along with other CTR data. A free community account allows you to perform 10 queries each month. Each query gives you up to 1,000 keyword suggestions, including full SERP analysis.


The free SEO audit tools we mentioned in this article will help you stay on top of your marketing game. Using such tools is similar to visiting a doctor every once in a while for a checkup. Your website’s health can be checked in a similar manner. In most cases, free SEO auditing tools will give you general information on the technical health of the website and its core web vitals. 

Website audit tool usually provides the following information:

  • Diagnosis of the website’s technical issues (sitemaps, meta data, server errors) 
  • Indicates broken links, redirects, and duplicate content that needs adjustment 
  • Analysis of web page speed, its content, and traffic 

If you’re in search of the best free SEO audit tool, pay attention to SE Ranking. You simply type in your websites’ address and get advice on how to improve it within minutes. Even though the platform analyzes many important indexes, it’s pretty easy to make sense out of them. A clear dashboard lets you see indexed pages, HTTP status codes, redirects, link attributes distribution, and more. Regardless of the SEO audit tool you choose, be sure to get the most up-to-date information that shows crucial metrics. It will help you get the most out of the audit so you can reap the benefits.