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Learn from competitors’ campaigns. Analyze any website with the Competitor Research Tool powered by SE Ranking and get SEO insights to improve your strategies.

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What’s in it for you

All-round competitor analysis

This tool provides details on your competitor’s organic and paid efforts, including traffic data, top-performing keywords and pages, ranking changes, ad history and copies, etc. You also get access to metrics like domain and page trust, search volume, search intent, keyword difficulty, and much more.

Historical data

Apart from analyzing data for the current month, you can view detailed competitive research reports for previous periods, starting from February 2020. This feature allows you to see your rival’s performance in dynamics, identify and analyze ups and downs in their performance, and use those insights to enhance your efforts.

Competitive advantage

The competitive intelligence data you get will help you optimize your website using the best competitor’s cases. You can compare competitors, detect keywords that your rivals are using and you’re missing in your campaigns, analyze their top-performing pages, and identify steps to outperform them in search.

Get a snapshot of any website’s performance

The Competitor Research Tool provides you with a comprehensive overview of how the analyzed website is succeeding in terms of the traffic it gets, keywords it ranks for, and backlinks pointing to the website. You can review traffic distribution by country and continent, and analyze total organic and paid traffic, traffic share, and keywords for each available region.

The tool also gives you the estimated number of organic and PPC clicks that the analyzed site or page will get per month and forecasts the cost of potential traffic. You can view keyword dynamics in organic search and PPC campaigns, as well as the history of acquired and lost backlinks.

Get a snapshot of any website’s performance

Identify organic competitors with ease

Discover the top 5 competitive domains that share the keyword space with the analyzed website in organic search. Gain insights into keyword distribution, Domain Trust scores, and each domain’s total keywords to understand how challenging it will be to compete with them.

The SEO Competitive Research tool also compares competitor semantics allowing you to explore all, common, missing, and unique keywords between the analyzed website and its organic competitors as well as shows the distribution of top organic competitors by traffic and keywords. This feature isn’t just about seeing who’s ranking for what—it’s about discovering the untapped opportunities and filling the gaps in your SEO strategy.

Identify organic competitors with ease

Analyze organic traffic flows from different angles

See how much organic traffic the analyzed domain gets and its estimated cost. If you want to get the list of keywords the website ranks for, the tool got you covered. You can explore search teams in an easy-to-filter table with all the essential metrics in one place.

You can also analyze traffic changes based on ranking dynamics and see how keywords changed their positions. Moreover, the tool enables you to check competitive traffic for keywords similar to yours and highlights top-performing pages and subdomains. With all this information, you get a clear and detailed picture of any website’s organic traffic performance.

Analyze organic traffic flows from different angles

Track paid traffic and check competitive ads

See what paid keywords your competitors use in their campaigns, how many clicks they get per month, and how much monthly PPC budget they spend. Check our SERP positions for these keywords, top/side/bottom ad placement, monthly search volume, CPC, competition, traffic share, etc.

The tool also showcases paid keyword rankings and the list of the most popular ads, along with the history, key metrics, and ad texts. Use this data to decode competitors’ paid campaigns, identify their most successful strategies and ads, and craft even better ones for your business.

Track paid traffic and check competitive ads

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“I was amazed at how much insight I gained into my competitors’ strategies using the Competitive Research Tool. The detailed keyword analysis and traffic evaluations helped me refine my SEO and PPC strategies and boost my company’s online presence.

“The Competitive Research Tool provided me with invaluable insights into my clients’ organic competitors, semantic comparisons, and so much more. This tool has become an indispensable part of my workflow.”

“This powerful organic and paid traffic analysis enabled me to monitor my closest rivals and capitalize on opportunities they’re missing. It’s so comprehensive yet user-friendly and the data visualization and filtering options make my competitive research more efficient.


The Competitive Research Tool: What is it?

The Competitive Research Tool is software that helps businesses and SEO professionals analyze the competitive landscape and provides comprehensive insights into market leaders’ online strategies. This tool analyzes various aspects of online competition, including organic and paid traffic, estimated cost, keywords that drive the most traffic, pages that get the most clicks, and much more.

It also identifies the top websites that are ranking and getting organic traffic for keywords relevant to your business and provides authority scores and other metrics to gauge the overall strength of your competitors’ websites.

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How to use the Competitor Research Tool?

This tool automates the competitor analysis process. You don’t need to spend your time checking each site manually, just enter your rival’s website address into the tool and start the analysis. In just a few seconds, you will receive detailed information about your competitor’s performance, traffic amounts, its cost and distribution, keywords, positions, and much more.

If you don’t know who you’re competing with, start by checking your own site. The tool will show you the top competitors who are ranking for similar keywords and you can research their sites in just a click.

Another important feature is the competitor comparison. You can add two more sites and the tool will analyze the keyword overlap between them and your analyzed domain. The tool enables you to compare semantics to detect keywords you are still not targeting in your campaigns.

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Who can benefit from SEO competitive research?

By running a competitive analysis, you can benchmark your SEO performance against the competition and identify opportunities to outrank your rivals. The SEO Competitive Research Tool can benefit a wide range of users:

  • SEO professionals can leverage this tool for in-depth analysis of any website, be it theirs, client’s, or competitor’s. The tool provides all the essential traffic and keyword metrics as well as allows for competitive comparisons and tracking traffic dynamics. 
  • SEO agencies can use the tool to provide data-driven competitive analysis to their clients and recommend improvements for their SEO strategies. Agencies can analyze their client’s competitors and come up with more effective tactics to grow their clients. Apart from that, agencies can report on all the critical data points through visualizations without confusing their clients.
  • In-house SEO teams can apply the tool to monitor their company’s organic and paid search performance against top competitors and get insights to refine their tactics to stay ahead.
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Why use the Competitive Research Tool?

There are several compelling reasons why businesses and SEO professionals should use this Competitive Research Tool:

  • In-depth analysis: With all important information and metrics, you can better understand your competitors’ strategies.
  • Strategic decision-making: Armed with comprehensive data on your competitors, you can make more informed SEO decisions.
  • Streamlined research: Instead of manually researching and compiling data from various sources, you get access to competitive intelligence consolidated into a single tool, saving you time and effort.
  • Intuitive software: The tool is very easy to use, allowing you to customize the dashboard, use convenient filters, and analyze information through graphs, charts, and tables.

Data in dynamics: You can analyze not only the current information, but also view historical data, track traffic and ranking drops over time, view ads history and copies, and use all this information to get a bigger picture of any website performance.

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What is SEO competitive research?

SEO competitive research is a process of analyzing and evaluating the SEO strategies, strengths and weaknesses, and online performance of your market competitors. This includes gathering data about their traffic, rankings, keywords, backlinks, PPC campaigns, etc

What should you look for in competitor analysis tools?

When choosing a competitor analysis tool, look for features like organic and paid traffic analysis, keyword and backlink data, comparison options, and historical data. Check the tool’s database size, pricing options, and customer reviews. The tool should also regularly update its data to ensure you have access to the most current information.

How to identify my competitors?

You can identify your competitors manually by checking who’s also ranking for your keywords in the SERP. However, this approach is time-consuming. To optimize the process, use the Competitive Research Tool. Enter your website and run the analysis. The tool will provide the list of top organic competitors along with some essential metrics. You can then use this tool to analyze those competitors separately or compare them.

How to find top-performing pages of a competitive website?

The most effective way to detect any competitor’s top pages is to use the Pages tab within the Competitive Research Tool. Once you enter the website address and run the analysis, this tab will show the top-ranking pages on that website. You can also sort them by traffic share and check keywords they target by intent.

How to find the keywords my competitors are targeting?

One of the easiest and quickest options would be to use SEO tools for competitive research. They analyze the competitive website and gather keywords your competitors rank for. The Competitive Research Tool goes even further and supplements the keyword list with metrics like keyword difficulty, search intent, search volume, position, CPC, and more.