5 Best AgencyAnalytics Alternatives

The key to success is no secret anymore. Simply: it is a good understanding of your marketing campaign’s performance. In the modern day and world,all entrepreneurs should find ways to track their online presence. This is where tools like AgencyAnalytics come in. AgencyAnalytics has been a game-changer in this field. It has several significant features designed to aid marketing agencies with their reporting needs, including automated, customizable reports, an intuitive platform, KPI tracking dashboards, white-labeled reporting, and scheduled SEO report delivery. Simply put, this tool can save agencies hours of work and streamline their reporting process.

While it sounds like a dream come true, AgencyAnalytics may not be a perfect fit for everybody. The main reason is that one-size-fits-all is not a working scheme anymore. Each business has unique needs. For instance, there are cases when a more advanced SEO tool is needed to build a better and enhanced strategy. Or, some businesses prefer an easy and intuitive tool. While the rest opts for tools that can sync with other digital platforms.  

Regardless of your preferences, there are many AgencyAnalytics alternatives. Today, we’ll be comparing AgencyAnalytics with other similar tools out there. We’ll consider their features, cost, user-friendliness, and customer support. Our aim is to help find a tool that makes the most sense for any type of business. 

SE Ranking

When it comes to managing and optimizing marketing campaigns, SE Ranking goes beyond standard SEO features. Thanks to its informative dashboards, comprehensive reports, and customizable templates, the platform is hands down one of the best AgencyAnalytics alternatives available on the market.

One of SE Ranking’s key advantages is its capacity to collect data from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This enables marketers to create comprehensive reports that incorporate all the relevant SEO information that their customers value. From keyword and competitor rankings through technical issues to traffic and conversions, SE Ranking offers analytical reports covering different kinds of digital marketing data.

The platform provides a robust dashboard feature that allows users to filter information based on their specific needs. In just several clicks, you can easily select the metrics and columns that are most relevant to you, thereby customizing the dashboard view to access the data you need. This functionality allows for streamlined analysis and reporting, eliminating the need to download unnecessary information and enabling users to focus solely on the data that is vital to their projects or campaigns. 

Apart from data collection, SE Ranking is widely known for its white-label reporting and custom templates. In fact, you can customize reports with your agency’s colors, logo, or even create your own custom cover. What’s more, utilizing a simple drag-and-drop builder, agencies can easily organize report sections according to their personal preferences. This level of customization ensures that each report is tailored to the specific needs and branding of the agency, saving them significant time and effort.

Needless to say, time is one of the most critical aspects of any marketing agency’s day-to-day operations, and SE Ranking understands this well. Generating reports for each client can take anywhere from 3-4 hours, but with SE Ranking, it takes no more than 15 minutes. That’s a huge time-saver that allows agencies to focus on other critical aspects of their business, ultimately enhancing their overall productivity.

Plus, considering that SE Ranking provides the opportunity to import CSV and XLSX files, agencies can easily add their own data points to the reports. Not only does this add a personal touch, but it also gives clients a complete picture of their marketing efforts.

It’s also worth mentioning that SE Ranking goes a step further with automatic report creation and delivery. With this feature, agencies can schedule reports to automatically generate and deliver to clients at regular intervals. This eliminates manual intervention and ensures clients receive timely insights into their marketing performance. This helps to build trust and transparency between your agency and your clients.

To sum up, unlike many other SEO tools, SE Ranking understands that marketers and, especially, marketing agencies require more than just keyword rankings and website analysis. Thus, this platform offers both in-depth marketing data presented in informative dashboards and convenient reporting features within a single tool, which is why it should definitely be at the top of your list.


In the competitive sphere of marketing analytics, DashThis emerges as a potentially strong AgencyAnalytics alternative. Especially, it is a good one for marketing agencies seeking to swiftly craft and share client dashboards.

At its core, DashThis is a dashboard tool tailored for crafting custom reports in realms such as SEO, email marketing, social media, and PPC campaigns. It conveniently consolidates all data sources into a single KPI dashboard shareable with clients. With comprehensive marketing integrations such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, paid social ads like Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn, and SEO tools like Ahrefs & Semrush, DashThis ensures seamless data access and reporting.

A standout feature for agencies is its white labeling capabilities. Agencies can customize the dashboard to reflect their own branding and replace the default DashThis URL with a branded one. DashThis plans come with unlimited users, facilitating team collaboration in dashboard management.

Unlike AgencyAnalytics, DashThis offers a more affordable entry price with 3 dashboards at $33/month, a simpler setup, and potentially superior customer support. AgencyAnalytics provides additional export options and offers rank tracking & site auditing for an extra fee. Some features, like PPC markup and goal pacing, are only available in the AgencyAnalytics Agency plan and are not included in DashThis.

DashThis pricing starts at $33 per month (billed annually) with 4 plans: Individual, Professional, Business, and Standard. These plans include unlimited integrations and varying dashboard options.

Designed for marketing professionals and agencies, DashThis concentrates on generating straightforward, automated reports for PPC/SEM campaigns, email marketing, social media, and SEO. Despite some user-reported issues like inaccurate data, limited granularity, and filtering capabilities, its emphasis on simplicity makes it a user-friendly choice. DashThis’s customer support team is well-reputed for being active and helpful.

Finally, while DashThis offers a relatively low number of platform integrations, it does provide a CSV file manager and Google Sheets integration for managing data. These features position DashThis as a viable, flexible AgencyAnalytics alternative.


Databox emerges as one of many effective AgencyAnalytics alternatives, providing an all-inclusive platform for business analytics and reporting.

At its core, Databox consolidates all your data in one place, facilitating monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and creating custom dashboards. It comes with an extensive library of dashboard templates, pre-loaded with common metrics for various teams, including marketing, customer support, and eCommerce.

Databox excels in its integration capabilities, offering over 70 connections with established marketing and sales tools. The list is big and includes Hubspot, Google Sheets, Facebook ads, and Google Analytics. For personalized data sources, Databox’s REST API and SDKs allow swift and straightforward connections.

A great AgencyAnalytics alternative, Databox provides superior styling options, including color customization within specific widgets. Databox also offers a generous free plan, unlike AgencyAnalytics. While AgencyAnalytics does provide unique paid search integrations, Databox compensates by working with non-marketing data, allowing a combined view of sales and marketing data.

Speaking about the fee, Databox offers four pricing tiers: Free-forever, Starter, Professional, and Performer. Even the free plan permits the construction of three dashboards with unlimited data integrations.

Additionally, Databox streamlines business processes by reducing the time spent on gathering data from different sources. Its dashboard designer tool enables users to extract relevant indicators, visualize KPIs in multiple ways, and create impressive dashboards without requiring coding or design expertise. Moreover, Databox allows users to set targets for specific metrics and combine data from any source for easy calculation of new indicators.

Databox’s comprehensive features, extensive integration capabilities, and user-friendly interface make it a noteworthy Agency Analytics alternative.


If you’re considering some alternatives to AgencyAnalytics, Whatagraph presents a compelling option. Both for large agencies or in-house marketing teams seeking a reliable marketing reporting tool.

Whatagraph simplifies the reporting process, allowing novices and skilled professionals to create comprehensive reports within minutes using their templates. Connecting your data sources to Whatagraph is straightforward, offering the convenience of displaying all your marketing results in one unified report or dashboard. It supports over 40 data sources, ranging from common platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Bing Ads, to others like Ahrefs, SEMRush, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Shopify.

One of Whatagraph’s significant benefits is the high level of customization. Agencies can adjust colors, branding, logos, and fonts to suit their needs and take advantage of the white-label feature to match their brand identity. Whatagraph customers also receive personalized onboarding support. This feature makes Whatagraph a winning Agency Analytics alternative.

What separates Whatagraph is its ability to track all client data in a single place. This feature is not available with AgencyAnalytics. However, it’s worth noting that AgencyAnalytics has a lower entry price, while Whatagraph has a more costly entry plan and only offers annual billing.

Whatagraph’s pricing starts from $199 per month with three available plans: Professional, Premium, and Custom. The ‘Professional’ plan includes over 40 integrations, unlimited reports, and report automation.

Although Whatagraph does have some issues like high prices that can’t be easily adjusted, slow page loading times, and limited filtering options, it still shines because it has many valuable features. These include over 80 reporting templates, cross-channel analytics, data blending, and more. Furthermore, every user gets a dedicated account manager regardless of their pricing plan.

Whatagraph offers 40+ integrations, encapsulating most major marketing platforms. It even allows users to request custom connectors, making it a flexible choice for varied marketing stacks. Despite its pricing drawbacks, Whatagraph’s robust features and functionality position it as one of the worthy Agency Analytics alternatives.


BrightLocal could be one of many compelling alternatives to AgencyAnalytics, especially for businesses seeking to enhance their local search engine optimization and citation management. BrightLocal offers a multifaceted platform that provides valuable insights into a business’s performance, particularly in terms of local search ranking, traffic, and lead generation.

One of the platform’s key features is its sophisticated rank reporting system. It gives businesses a comprehensive view of their local rankings, enabling them to track their performance and make informed decisions. By improving their local ranking, businesses can increase their brand value and attract more traffic.

Another advantage of BrightLocal is its automated auditing tools. These tools can analyze a broad range of data points and identify SEO issues that could negatively impact a business’s performance. Given that BrightLocal is specially designed for local search, it allows businesses to focus specifically on areas they need to improve on optimizing their local SEO.

BrightLocal simplifies the reporting process by offering customizable, white-label reports and client-access dashboards. This feature gives businesses the flexibility to tailor their reports to their specific needs and ensure their reports align with their branding.

In addition, BrightLocal has built-in capabilities for managing reviews. It enables businesses to generate more reviews and monitor them effectively. By showcasing positive reviews, businesses can convert this feedback into a valuable marketing tool, promoting trust and credibility among potential customers.

Finally, BrightLocal’s citation tracking and building tools enhance local search visibility and identify any issues that might hinder lead generation. With effective citation management, businesses can improve their local SEO performance and increase their chances of being discovered by potential customers.

BrightLocal’s pricing starts at $8 per month, making it an affordable option for many businesses. Given these robust features and capabilities. BrightLocal is a worthwhile consideration for businesses looking for some alternative AgencyAnalytics tools. Particularly those seeking to enhance their local SEO and citation management.


Finding the right tool to complement your business’s unique needs can be like navigating a labyrinth. AgencyAnalytics has been a frontrunner in the race, but the world of digital marketing is not devoid of alternatives, each offering its own flavor of benefits.

Starting with SE Ranking, it’s a mighty force in SEO tools and the best AgencyAnalytics alternative. Its organic ranking and website analytics are dreams for businesses wanting to outshine in the SEO game. DashThis, on the other hand, is a charmer for marketing agencies, offering the comfort of creating custom reports instantly.

Databox, a comprehensive business analytics and reporting platform, is another worthy contender. With a vast range of integration capabilities, Databox can be your trusted ally in taking control of your business’s KPIs. Whatagraph, although a bit pricey, shines bright with its knack for making reporting a breeze. The platform brings the convenience of all your marketing results under one roof, eliminating the fuss of jumping between different platforms.

Then there’s BrightLocal, a specialist in local SEO and citation management. This platform is like a well-equipped toolbox for businesses keen on local search optimization. From its robust rank reporting system to review management features and citation tracking tools, BrightLocal has a host of offerings that could elevate your local search visibility.

These Agency Analytics alternatives fixate on something other than the change for other tools but on finding a companion that understands your business’s unique needs. Each platform, with its distinctive set of features and price points, caters to different facets of digital marketing. What works for you might not work for others. After all, the digital marketing journey is not about fitting into a mold but about finding tools and strategies that are as unique as your business. So, explore, experiment, and don’t shy away from trying something new. The right tool could be your first step toward digital success.

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