Privacy Policy

  1. Users’ personal data
    1. There is an option given to the users to provide us their emails, social media profiles and the website domains they are administrating. We don’t share this data with third parties for any reasons besides what is needed to complete users’ projects. The information is given under full user’s consent and strictly voluntarily. The data provided is used for the system updates announcements, within user’s projects and for the software enhancement purposes.
    2. The following data, including: the First name and Last name of the user, phone number and email address, will be collected at the time of registration on the Site. While using the Site, you can also add your image to your account. If you register a profile on the Site using social networks like Facebook or Google, we can collect information about your name on social networks and a photo of your profile on such platforms.
    3. We collect and use your Personal Data for the following purposes:
      1. Confirmation of your identity;
      2. Confirmation of your right to register as a user on the Site or to purchase services on the Site;
      3. Processing your registration as a user, providing you with an ID to enter the Site and maintaining and managing your registration;
      4. Providing you with customer service, providing answers to your questions, feedback, requirements and claims;
      5. Assessing the security of the profile and risks of user transactions, identifying and preventing fraud and other security threats;
      6. Personalization of our communication with you based on records of your search queries, your preferences in receiving newsletters from us, information we collected about your equipment and the history of your orders, conducting research and statistical analysis to improve the content and appearance of the Site, and to improve the offer of our services, including, for example, using impersonal data for machine learning;
      7. Identifying, developing and promoting products and services that we believe will be of value to you, including for different browsers and devices, in accordance with applicable law. Cookies and other similar technologies can be used to show you advertising based on your search queries and interests. In cases where such an obligation is assigned to us in accordance with applicable law, we will endeavor to obtain your consent before sending you promotional messages.
    4. If you would like to participate in our webinars or events, we may ask you to provide us with the following data:
  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • Email Address.

In this case we collect and process your Personal Data listed above for the following purposes:

  • To confirm your identity;
  • To confirm your registration to the relevant webinar or event;
  • To maintain and manage your registration;
  • To provide you with an access to the relevant webinar or event;
  • To provide you with customer service, provide answers to your questions, feedback, requirements and claims;
  • To send you updates and information about our new products and services, upcoming events or other promotions or news by email to the extent the legitimate interest allows us to do so.
  1. The site and its content are not intended for minors (persons under the age of 18 years, and for EU citizens – 16 years), and we do not intend to sell any of our services to minors. If a minor provided us with Personal Data without the consent of the parents or guardians, the parent or guardian must contact us to remove such information.
  1. Opt-out
    1. The users may unsubscribe from communications following the unsubscribe link that’s included in our announcements.
  2. Disclosures
    1. We will disclose user’s personal information following law enforcement order such as subpoena and so forth. The personal information will be also disclosed in case there is a reasonable and grounded threat to our legitimate users.
    2. We may disclose or transfer your Personal Data to our partners and service providers employed by us to assist in providing you services or who otherwise handle the processing of Personal Data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy or notify you in the process of collecting your Personal Data. Such partners or service providers may be, for example:
      • Marketing platforms, such as Google, Facebook and service providers for analyzing user behavior, in order to select the content that you see when you visit the Site. Such marketing platforms can combine the data received on the Site, their own platforms, data collected on other sites and using other sources to place the targeted advertisement. The operation of such third-party marketing platforms is governed by their own privacy policies, and not by this Privacy Policy;
      • Payment service providers to ensure payment for transactions or provide a service write-off for sellers. The activities of payment service providers may be governed by their own privacy policies, and not by this Privacy Policy;
      • If you receive emails from us, we may use certain analytics tools, to capture data such as when you open our email or click on any links or banners our email contains. This data helps us to gauge the effectiveness of our communications and marketing campaigns.
    3. Such service providers are required to comply with our data confidentiality requirements and are entitled to use your Personal Data only for the purposes indicated above, but not for their own personal purposes.
    4. For the purposes indicated above, we may transfer your Personal Data to companies affiliated with
  3. Data storage
    1. We store your Personal Data for a time when we have a reasonable commercial need to store such data for the purpose of providing you services or providing products, or for the time necessary or permitted in accordance with applicable law, in particular tax law and legislation in the field of accounting.
    2. We can provide aggregated or anonymous data to third parties, while the information is transmitted in an impersonal format, without personally identifying you.
    3. Emails and other personal data is securely stored with limited access to the service authorised employees. Users login information is encrypted and maintained in the highly secured environment.
  4. Cookie-files
    1. We use cookies-files (hereinafter “cookies”) to store certain information about you and track your visits to the Site, whether using a computer or using mobile devices. Using cookies is a common practice of internet sites to improve the identification of your visitors.
    2. Cookies are a small amount of data that is sent to your Internet browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. If you do not block or erase cookies, with each your use of the same browser or mobile device to enter the Site, our Web servers will be notified of your entry to the Site, and we in turn will receive information about your visit and the model of your behavior. We also may use pixel-tags (also called web beacons, tracking bug, and tracking pixel) that are used by a website to track users’ navigation through a single website or a series of websites and to assign online advertisement-related activities to a computer or browser.
    3. Cookies enable us to remember information in order to avoid the need to re-enter it every time you use the Site.
    4. In addition, we use cookies to manage the security of the Site, to collect information about user use, research behavior pattern, conduct interest-based advertising campaigns to help our partners track website visits and process orders, track progress and participation in promotions.
    5. In addition to our own cookies, we may also use various third-parties cookies to report usage statistics of the Site, deliver advertisements on and through the Site, and so on.
    6. For such additional purposes as described above, you have the right to determine how and in what cases the cookie will be accepted by changing the privacy settings of the Internet browser that you use to log into the Site or by changing the privacy settings on your mobile device. Since the way to prohibit cookies through browser settings depends on the browser you are using, you need to access the “Help” section of your browser for more information.
    7. You have the right to accept or refuse to accept cookies at your discretion. In case you decide to configure the browser to refuse cookies, you will be able to use the Site, but some functionality and sections of the Site may be limited.
    8. We use two types of cookies: temporary (session) cookies (which are deleted when you close the browser or turning off the device) and permanent cookies (which are saved after the browser is closed and after turning off the device / application that is activated each time you visit the Site). Temporary (session) cookies are encrypted data intended to uniquely authenticate you. Permanent cookies do not store account numbers or passwords.
  5. Visitors from European Union countries
    1. This section of the Privacy Policy is applicable only if you use our Site from a country that is a member state of the European Union.
    2. We process Personal Data for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, as described above. The legal basis for the processing of Personal Data by us will depend on the relevant Personal Data and the circumstances under which we collect them. However, as a rule, we will collect and process your Personal Data only when it is necessary.
    3. In connection with the specifics of our business, there may be a need to transfer your Personal Data to countries that are not members of the European Economic Union (“EEC”), including countries that can not provide the same level of data protection as countries in which you live. We take appropriate steps to ensure that the recipients of your Personal Data are bound by confidentiality obligations and we take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, such as the use of standard terms of contracts.
    4. If you are a resident of the zone of the European Economic Union, you have the following rights in the field of data protection that can be implemented by you at any time, by contacting us:
      • The right to access, correct, update or request to delete your Personal Data;
      • The right to object to the processing of your personal information when it is based on your legitimate interests, and individually the right to refuse direct marketing;
      • The right to contact us, in some cases, with a requirement to limit the processing of your personal data or the requirement to transfer your personal information;
      • The right to refuse marketing materials sent by us at any time. You can use this right by clicking on the “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” link in the marketing emails sent by us;
      • In the event that we have collected and processed your personal information with your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. The refusal will not affect the legality of the processing of data that was carried out prior to your refusal, nor the legality of processing data that was carried out on other legal grounds other than consent;
      • The right to file a complaint with the authorized government agency that oversees data protection, the collection and use of your personal data. For more information, please contact the local authorities responsible for overseeing data protection.
    5. We respond to all requests received from persons wishing to exercise their rights in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. We obliged to respond to requests from the data subject without undue delay and at the latest within one month and to give reasons where we does not intend to comply with any such requests.
    6. In the event that you become aware of changes or inaccuracies in the information about you, you must inform us of such changes in order to update and correct our records.
  6. Final provisions
    1. The Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice and is publicly available on our website. Any changes will be posted to the site immediately upon amendments.
    2. Anyone using is consenting to this Privacy Policy as well as to the third party service providers’.
    3. Questions about this policy should be addressed to [email protected]