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Running a link building campaign can be confusing, especially considering all the market and SEO strategy changes over the years. There are hundreds of SEO link building tools on the web, featuring numerous tools and features that can assist any business in its link building journey. The choice of the best link building tool depends on the size of the company, its budget, needs, and goals.

Successful link building is all about creating a process of finding link opportunities and reaching out to other companies/journalists to link your content on their blogs and websites. Even though it is possible to build links without any tools, they can make the process faster, more automated, and more effective. In this article, we will talk about the 10 best SEO link building tools that will help you build links easier.  

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO platform that provides various features to help businesses improve their online visibility, including an excellent suite of link building tools.

A comprehensive Backlink Analysis feature offers a detailed report on the quality of any website’s backlink profile. The SE Ranking backlink index includes 3 trillion links from 262 million domains. Backlink Checker provides a complete list of the website’s backlinks and referring domains with all the necessary metrics, including Domain Trust score, dofollow/nofollow ratio, stats on lost and new backlinks, etc. Thus, this tool can help you identify the websites linking to your competitors and find new link building opportunities.

Plus, you can explore all the anchor texts of backlinks to identify keywords that you can target for your own link building efforts.

SE Ranking also provides a tool that can help you find more untapped backlink opportunities. Backlink Gap Analyzer discovers any domains and URLs that are already linking to several of your competitors but not to your website. Here you’ll see a detailed list of potential high-quality donor websites that probably won’t mind linking out to your pages.

With the help of Competitive Research, you can analyze the quality and relevancy of donor websites. Here you can discover domain authority, the amount of organic traffic they get, how their traffic is distributed by country or region and the most profitable keywords and pages of these sites.

Here, you can also find valuable keyword suggestions to create a solid anchor plan for your link building strategy. 

The Keyword Research tool will help you find content ideas for guest posts and other link building activities. In the Organic Results section, you’ll find the list of top pages on SERP for the appropriate keyword and can negotiate to place your link in this top-ranking content.

SE Ranking’s Link Monitoring feature allows you to track your backlinks’ performance and identify any changes in their status. This is crucial because it helps you stay on top of any lost or broken links and any negative SEO attacks that could harm your website’s ranking.

Overall, SE Ranking provides a robust set of link building tools to help businesses improve their online visibility and attract more website traffic. With SE Ranking, you can build a solid link building strategy that will help you to rank higher in search engine results pages and achieve your SEO goals.


SE Ranking offers a free 14-day trial version or three paid plans, including Essential, Pro and Business.


SEMRush is one of the best link building tools for SEO. It is used for competitor research, content marketing, and social media marketing. SEMRush is often used for link building, too, mainly its Backlink Gap tool. It helps businesses compare domains, find prospects, and receive domains to target. SEMRush database has over 43 trillion backlinks. 

You can use this tool to compare your own link profile with your competitors and discover link opportunities for your business. To do that, you need to enter your domain and up to four competitors. Then, the tool finds prospects and opportunities based on various domains that link to websites other than yours. 

It is essential to have a strong link profile so you need to identify competitors with stronger link profiles and close the gaps by acquiring links that you still don’t have. Moreover, you can see the backlinks your competitors share and target them. 

You can find the best backlink opportunities and add them to your In Progress list to connect with them whenever you want. You can also collect information about various websites, including their contact information, social web information, and more. 

The backlinks you have already gained can be marked as Done in your profile. This will allow SEMRush to monitor your backlink profile and make sure that they don’t disappear suddenly. If anything like that happens, SEMRush will notify you about the problem right away and help solve the issue. 


You can either use a highly limited free account or upgrade to a paid plan, starting from $119.95/month. 


Serpstat is an all-in-one toolkit for PPC, SEO, and content marketing. It includes over 50 tools for digital agencies and marketing experts, helping them analyze websites and competitors, research and collect keywords, and build links. Serpstat includes a Rank Tracking tool, a Keyword Research tool, a Backlink Checker, a Website SEO Audit tool, a Batch Analysis tool, and more. 

If you want to use Serpstat for link building, you should use its Backlink Checker. It will help you increase the power of your backlink profile, analyze your competitors’ backlinks and choose the best donors, and find and get rid of low-quality backlinks. 

The Backlink Checker provides a full backlink profile of any site, helping companies identify high-quality backlinks of direct competitors, find unique and more common backlink donors, and find low-quality backlinks that can lead to penalties from Google and other search engines. 

The Serpstat backlink index includes 1 trillion links from 386 million domains. 


Serpstat offers a free trial version or 4 paid plans, including Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. You can either pay on a monthly basis or once a year. 


Another one of the best link building tools is Majestic. It has the typical SEO features you would expect: anchor text analysis. the number of backlinks, and referring domains.

Majestic Backlink Checker is one of the oldest features as it has been used by SEO and link building communities since 2009. It helps companies find a set of data to create SEO strategies or create SEO audits. 

The Backlink Checker also allows analyzing competitors and evaluating link building prospects with the help of features like Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Visibility Flow, Topical Trust Flow, and Flow Metric Scores. 

The Trust Flow shows the quality of links that point to URLs and web pages. If a web page has a higher Trust Flow than a Citation Flow, it means that this page has good-quality links. The closer the website is to a set of trusted sites, the higher the level of Trust. 

Citation Flow is a score that shows the number of links that point to a certain website. However, this score does not represent the quality of the links. 

The Visibility Flow helps find editorial-style links on pages with high Trust Flows. 

Next, the Topical Trust Flow illustrates whether the links are topically relevant. It helps measure affinity. This score shows the position of a  website compared to the best web pages in more than 800 categories. 

Flow Metric Scores include multiple scores, each representing a different measure of your content’s impact. 


You can try Majestic for free and then choose a plan that suits your business needs best. They include Lite ($49.99/month), Pro ($99.99/month), and API ($399.99/month).

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is an all-in-one SEO and link building tool. One of its main features is the Backlink Checker which helps you analyze and check backlinks of any website and explore link opportunities. 

It is possible to check up to 50,000 backlinks for any domain and export all of your data for up to 10,000 backlinks. Moreover, you can check backlinks from a fresh or historic index by submitting any URL or domain to the Explore page. It will immediately generate a comprehensive report of the backlink’s potential. 

Raven Tools also allows you to generate backlink reports to see which domains are linking to your web page and spy on your competitors’ profiles. By doing that, you can identify link building opportunities. 

Raven Tools utilizes metrics from Moz and Majestic to give you a complete profile for any website. You can analyze Link Source, Citation Flow, Anchor Text, and many more. 

Another great feature is that you can create and share custom reports. For example, if you need to share a report with your team, you can export the backlink report to CSV. 

Next, you can use Link Manager to track your progress. It allows you to organize your link building opportunities in a single dashboard. You can track your link building efforts with metrics like Link Status, Link Type, Anchor Text, Domain Authority, Date Added, Cost, and more. 


Raven Tools offers 5 different subscriptions plans to choose from: 


Ahrefs is one of SEO tools for link building that is used by the world’s leading companies. The tools include Site Explorer, Site Audit, Keywords Explorer, Content Explorer, and Rank Tracker. It has the world’s largest database of live backlinks (over 3 trillion links).

Many of its tools are not connected to link building at all. For example, you can use Site Explorer to find useful insights into competitors’ backlinks. All you need to do is put the URL into Site Explorer and navigate to the “Backlink profile” section. 

Ahrefs has an incredibly fast website crawler and, together with its huge database, it makes Site Explorer one of the best tools for backlink research. 

If you want to see the sites that are linking to your competitors, you can use the Link Intersect feature. You can also sort your pages by link growth to identify which pages have the highest number of backlinks. 

One of the unique features Ahrefs offers is the Content Explorer. It is a searchable database of over 11 billion pages. It is not only useful for content research but also for finding link prospects. You can analyze your page’s organic traffic, backlinks, keyword rankings, and social shares using Content Explorer. Moreover, it allows finding the best guest blogging opportunities for your link building strategy, find unlinked brand mentions, and the most popular content in your niche, and find broken link building opportunities by topic. 


Ahrefs does not offer a free trial. Instead, there are a couple of plans to choose from: 


AgencyAnalytics is a tool that helps companies with automated client reporting. It uses data from Moz and Majestic and connects it to critical performance metrics such as ranking and organic traffic. Its main features include Automated Reports, Custom Dashboards, White Label, Client & Staff Management, SEO Tools, and many more. 

For your link building strategy, you can use the Backlink Monitor. It helps track link building campaigns and update your clients with insightful backlink reports. Moreover, you can use this tool to improve your rankings by identifying new link opportunities, tracking new & lost links, using flow metrics, and creating backlink reports. 

AgencyAnalytics also allows monitoring link building campaigns. You can monitor your progress by tracking new and lost links over time. Then, all the collected data can be added to an automated backlink report. 

Another feature is the analysis of link profiles. You can find the most valuable links by studying key metrics like trust and citation flows, viewing all the links grouped by domain, and using graphs to break down items like “no-follow” vs. “follow.”

AgencyAnalytics also offers its users a White Laber Monitoring feature. If you’re an owner of an agency, you can use this tool to allow your clients to monitor backlink progress and view all up-to-date results from their dashboards. 


AgencyAnalytics offers plans for all types of businesses, starting from small businesses and freelancers to enterprises. 


Ranktracker is one of link building SEO tools with features like Rank Tracker, Keyword finder, SERP checker, Web Audit, Backlink Checker, and Backlink Monitor. 

With the Backlink Checker, you can see every backlink your competitors have. You can get an instant backlink analysis for any domain. All you need to do is enter any URL to see its current Domain Rating, URL Rating, the number of backlinks, and many more. 

Furthermore, Ranktracker allows you to take a look at competitor backlinks. You can assess each link’s quality by looking at its Domain Rating, URL Rating, anchor text, dofollow/nofollow status, and more. 

it is also possible to save the best backlinks for later with Ranktracker. For example, when you find competitor backlinks that you want to replicate, you can save them to your favorites and create different lists for easy reference.

Ranktracker’s context-aware tools will also help you identify backlink opportunities that you should act on and those that are safe to ignore. 

If you want to see who is linking your website, you can use another tool – Backlink Monitor. You can get a backlink breakdown for each of your domains, check your backlink progress over time, and gain deeper insights into your backlinks. 


Ranktracker offers a number of different plans: Starter, Double Data, Quad Data, and Hex Data. 

SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a link building tool software used by the world’s leading companies. It is used for rankings, on-page SEO, backlinks, and reports. This toolkit is perfect both for beginners and SEO experts thanks to its intuitive UI. SEO PowerSuite offers competitive pricing, fully automated SEO software, custom SEO solutions, and branded SEO reports. 

Its main features include Rank Tracker for keyword research and rank monitoring, WebSite Auditor for on-page optimization, SEO SpyGlass for backlink research and auditing, and LinkAssistany for link building and management. For your new link building strategy, you can use SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant. 

SEO PowerSuite states that they have the most up-to-date backlink database and the most affordable price on the market. Its database includes 2.7 trillion newest backlinks. Moreover, SEO SpyGlass crawls 7.1 billion web pages daily. This backlink analysis tool will also give you an overview of your entire link profile, including your linking history, backlinks quality, quality of referring domains, top linking countries, anchor text cloud, and more. 

You can also use SEO SpyGlass to monitor competitors with the Domain Comparison module, run a bulk backlink analysis with a single click, and use the Historical Data module to see how your backlink profile changed over time. 

Link Assitant is a tool for automating SEO outreach. It helps automate link building campaigns, send personalized email campaigns without hassle, and build high-quality backlinks. This link building software includes 10+ methods to find link building opportunities, custom link-builder reports, the ability to find email addresses and names for your pitch, and many more. 


SEO PowerSuite offers several subscription plans: Free (for as long as you want), Professional, and Enterprise. 


Seobility is a link building management tool. It includes tools for On-Site Audit, Rank Tracking, and Backlink Checking. 

Seobility’s Backlink Checker is a great tool for sustainable link building and monitoring of your business backlink profile. The backlink dashboard provides an overview of the development of backlinks for your domain and gives you the most valuable data on the backlink profile. All the links are listed according to their source, type, target, nofollow/follow, and more. Moreover, the tool evaluates each link based on a rating algorithm and tells whether the link is valuable for you or not. 

Besides backlink analysis, Seobility allows you to generate new and useful backlinks for your web page. The tool offers the following link building options:

  • More than one competitor linked to a web page.
  • Pages with sponsored content from competitors.
  • Forums or blogs in the top rankings for the keywords. 

Seobility also offers competitor backlink analysis. You can analyze your competitors to gain insights into their link building strategies. This can help identify the gaps and improve your SEO and marketing strategies. As a result, you can increase the profitability of your website.

You also can export backlink data in PDF and CSV. 


Seobility offers a free trial and various subscription plans, including Basic (free), Premium, and Agency.


To sum up, link building is vital for the effective search engine optimization of any website. Thankfully, there are numerous SEO tools for link building available online nowadays that make the process faster and more efficient. Some of the tools offer the same features, others have unique modules; some are cheaper, and others offer plans for bigger companies. In other words, there is plenty of tools to choose from, and the choice depends on your company’s size, budget, needs, and goals. Thus, when choosing the best tools for link building for your campaigns, consider factors like the size of the database, the unique modules the tools have to offer, pricing, and whether its interface is intuitive. Moreover, you can read link building tools reviews. With the tools described in this article, businesses can analyze their competitors, build a strong link profile, and stay competitive in the market. 

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