21 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

free onlline digital marketing courses Digital Marketing has become an incredibly important factor for brands who want to reach new thresholds and for those who want to expand their reach to a wider customer base. With the prominence of social media and ease of reach that one has access to, being familiar with the different aspects of this is incredibly important. Whether you are looking to work in the digital marketing industry, or simply want to learn more for the benefit of your own brand, there are multiple tools that can help you achieve. With the emergence of online learning platforms, there are more than enough marketing courses to choose from. To make the task of finding the best kind of course for yourself, we have compiled a list of some of the best online digital marketing courses that are completely free and incredibly beneficial in terms of giving you the information and knowledge that you need:

SE Ranking Academy

Level up your skills with the free SEO Basics course from SE Ranking. It consists of 8 modules (41 lessons in total) that you can pass in 6 hours or distribute within a week for a thorough 1-hour daily learning. SE Ranking Academy offers the course in a convenient video format. All lessons are designed by professionals. You also have an opportunity to apply the knowledge immediately! The learning schedule includes:
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Website setup
  • Technical SEO
  • In-page SEO
  • Link building
  • SEO analytics
Each class is followed with a quiz of 4-6 questions to solidify the knowledge. It helps you remember the lecture well and use it in practice later. After the course, you have an opportunity to pass the 82-question test to finalize your education with the Academy’s certificate. Moreover, SE Ranking prepares an upcoming Content Marketing 101 course, so make sure to check it out.

HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Certification Course

HubSpot Academy is considered to be a brilliant place for those who want to learn about digital marketing, and for those who want to broaden their skillset beyond what they already are familiar with. The entire program comprises of 12 videos that run for around 4.5 hours in total. The classes always end at a test at the end, which can help you figure out just how much you know about what was just taught to you. The main aim of this particular program is to help those who want to be able to tell stories and create and promote their own content.

Intro to Social Media Advertising with Buffer

Created by Brian Peters, this is a social media marketing course that is specially designed for beginners who are unfamiliar with the field, but who are interested in working within it. The course is led by Brian Peters himself who teaches you about the intricacies of social media advertising and the manner in which you can use this. The course is mainly available through Skillshare and has hundreds of positive reviews from students who have been a part of the course, and have benefitted from it. There are over three thousand students who have taken this course over the past few years, with more quickly opting for the benefits that one can attain through this.

Ahrefs Academy

Ahrefs Academy is a brilliant choice for those who want to learn more about search engine optimization, and who want to improve the kind of content marketing that they conduct. The course is specially designed for beginners and was created by Tim Soulo and Kathryn Aragon. The course also has a specialized subsection that is designed for those who are at an Intermediate level, and also for those who work at an advanced level. There are a number of topics that this course likes to focus on, and these mainly revolve around the ideas of keyword research, competitive research, link building, link acquisition, and strategic search engine optimization. One of the core features of this particular kind, of course, is the fact that they like to cite examples with almost everything that they state.

SEO Training Course by Moz

Created by Rand Fishkin, this is a course that is specifically designed for those who want to learn about SEO, and that alone. There is no doubt that search engine optimization has become an important facet of the work that marketers do, and is one factor that can help brands set themselves apart from others within the industry. This also means that brands are in constant need of individuals who are well versed with search engine optimization, and who want to improve the kind of work that they are able to do. The course is taught by Rand Fishkin himself on Udemy and has a brilliant rating from students who have partaken in this course.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing Pinterest

When trying to market a brand, service or product, some of the usual routes that individuals take with regards to popular social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, most of the time, one popular site is often missed out on, even though it is one that has an incredible amount of potential. The site that we are talking about here is Pinterest, and this is a website that can work well for those who want to maximize their reach and improve their marketing strategy by a considerable amount. However, not all marketers are well aware of the intricacies of Pinterest and the best ways to market on this website. For these individuals who want to seek out this hidden gem that is Pinterest, taking a course like the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing Pinterest is one of the best routes that you can take.

Summer Series Email Marketing Course by Constant Contact

Created by Miranda Paquet, the Summer Series Email Marketing Course is a brilliant choice for those who want to brush up on their email marketing skills. Email marketing has been one of the go-to choices for those who want to improve their reach for a long period of time. The course is mainly created for marketers who plan to use email marketing for the brands that they work with, and who want to excel at what they do. The course comprises of a video lesson coupled with worksheets, quizzes and plenty of other kinds of resource material that can help you understand the intricacies of this kind of marketing.

Twitter Flight School

To be a good marketer, you must always be proficient with Twitter. Twitter has become one of the biggest tools for those who want to reach wide audiences within a short period of time. The program requires you to actually have a Twitter account before you start the program, mainly so that you can grow familiar with what is being taught.

Google Academy for Ads

Google Academy for Ads is a brilliant place for those who want to grow familiar with the wide range of Google tools that are available to those who want to incorporate them into the marketing strategies that they come out with. The course is designed to teach you more about Programmatic ads, Adwords, Doubleclick, and Video ads.

The 2018 SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth

The 2018 SEO Training Course is a course that is mainly designed for business owners who are looking to improve the visibility of their brands on their own and don’t want to seek outside help for it. The course is one of the most in-depth with regards to search engine optimization and is also a great course for those who are fairly familiar with digital marketing and want to take their understanding of it one step further.

How to use Instagram Stories for Business

How to use Instagram Stories for Business is another option that is targeted for those who want to learn how to properly use a particular social media platform, this one being Instagram. Instagram has grown to become one of the biggest social media platforms and is a brilliant space for brands to reach wider audiences. The course was created by Taylor Loren, Stephanie Gilbert, Bob Wolfley, Jennie Yoon, Rene Montelongo who are all professionals who have a deep understanding of social media marketing and digital advertising.

Email Marketing for E‑Commerce: Tips and Tools to Increase Sales

Email Marketing for E‑Commerce is another course that is designed to help those who want to learn more about e-mail marketing and who want to increase their understanding of this relatively underused form of social media communication. The course is designed by Mailchimps Director of VIP Services, Ariana Hargrave, so you can be assured that you are being taught by the very best.

Social Marketing Education 2018

Social Marketing Education 2018 is an incredibly extensive program for those who want a complete rundown of all this relating to social media marketing and advertising. The entire course comprises of 97 videos in total and has plenty of other additional resources that students can turn to. The course also comes with 27 quizzes that can help students test their skills on the subject.

Bing Ads Training

While Bing may not be the first choice for many brands, it is still a search engine used by many. This means that it is incredibly important to learn about Bing and its intricacies to ensure that you are offering your clients the best social marketing strategy. Bing Ads Training is a useful tool that can help you learn more about this particular facet of digital marketing, and can help you understand how to use this to your advantage.

HubSpot Academy Email Marketing

Another one from HubSpot Academy, this time, a program that is specifically designed to teach individuals about email marketing and all of its intricacies. The program is designed to teach individuals how to properly use this resource through a series of nine classes that cover various aspects of this. The course is also taught by professionals who are well versed in email marketing and who are incredibly familiar with the intricacies of digital marketing.

PPC University

PPC University is a great choice for those who are already working in digital marketing or those who have a deeper understanding of digital marketing and want to take their skills to an even higher level. PPC University is offered on WordStream and is great for those who want to delve deeper into the different ways in which they can improve the marketing strategies that they release.

Google Primer

Another option from Google, this one to give you smaller lessons that cover different facets of the digital marketing industry. There are three levels to the course that is offered, which is designed for Beginners, Intermediates and those who are advanced with digital marketing. The course tries to cover a vast array of topics and tries to diversify the concepts that they touch on.

Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is an option that is similar to Google Primer, just with one small difference. Google Digital Garage is specifically designed for those who are going to be learning on a desktop or a laptop, and not for those who are going to be learning on their mobile phones. Just like the previous option, there are three levels of courses offered, each with their own quiz at the end to test your understanding of the topics.

Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course

Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course tries to give its students an in-depth explanation of the different channels that they can incorporate when trying to find the best kind of digital marketing strategy to pursue. The course tries to cover a range of topics, right from email marketing to search engine optimization.

Inbound Digital Marketing Course Plus Official Certification

Inbound Digital Marketing Course is another course on Udemy that has been gaining a lot of popularity as a result o how efficiently it is able to teach different topics with regards to social media. The course has over four and a half hours of instructional videos to give students a rundown of the different aspects of social media marketing and digital strategizing.

Alison Free Diploma in E-Business

Alison is one of the biggest platforms for those who want to learn and gain a diploma in a particular subject, and the course on e-business is perfect for those who want to learn more about digital marketing and expand their horizons with regards to this particular field. The course is well thought out and gives their students a good overview of the industry and the kind of work that they will be required to do when working as a professional in digital marketing. The course comprises of a number of video lessons coupled with worksheets and practice tests to help you learn better.