98 SEO Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

If you are an SEO or digital marketer, then you know how effective guest posting is for building quality backlinks to your website.

But where in the heck do you find places to guest post for SEO, digital marketers, and agencies?

Lucky for you, we have compiled a huge list of the best SEO blogs that allow guest posts and their domain authority.

What is Guest Posting?

If you have never heard of guest posting before, that’s ok. Guest posting is the method of writing an original and valuable content piece for another blog or website and including a backlink in the content to your website or pages.

This increases the number of backlinks pointing to your website, resulting in higher rankings, more traffic, and more revenue for your business.

Every guest posting opportunity will have different guidelines for their posts so make sure to read them all the way through before submitting any content.

Why You Should be Guest Posting

Guest posts are some of the highest quality backlinks because they are featured in content that naturally brings in more links.

Guest posting on other blogs can help build your brand, your personal voice, and your business. If you are trying to grow your online presence, then guest posting should be in your marketing toolbox as a way to build high-quality links to your website and pages.

This will result in higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales online.

How to Find Blogs for Guest Posting

There are many ways to find websites that accept guest posts: you can search for them on Google, special directories, Twitter or by analyzing your competitors’ backlinks. 

The latter allows you to find some hidden gems like quality-domain blogs that may not publicly mention they are open for such activities. And in most cases, if your rivals published their article there, chances are you can do the same.

Solutions like SE Ranking Backlink Tool help you easily find such blogs. Just type in your competitor’s domain, click “Search” and head over to the backlinks list. To narrow down your search, apply a filter to only leave the URLs with the word “blog” in them. Then, sort resources by any criteria you may need like the Trust score, link type, etc.

Voilà, you have just compiled a whole list of potential guest posting prospects. All that is left to do is to reach out to them.

In the meanwhile, here is the list of the best SEO blogs that accept guest posts with their DA and direct ink:

List of SEO Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Domain DA Free? Link
https://rohitink.com/ 59 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.computertechreviews.com/ 58 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.rightmixmarketing.com/ 48 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.99signals.com/ 47 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.boostability.com/ 46 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.mondovo.com/ 44 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.milesweb.com/ 44 Yes SUBMIT
https://blog.linkody.com/ 43 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.seoblog.com/ 42 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.rankpay.com/ 40 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.ezrankings.org/ 40 Yes SUBMIT
https://blog.rankingbyseo.com/ 40 Yes SUBMIT
https://localseochecklist.org/ 39 Yes SUBMIT
https://dailyseoblog.com/ 39 Yes SUBMIT
https://goodnoon.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.seoreseller.com/ 37 Yes SUBMIT
https://seomator.com/ 37 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.resultfirst.com/ 36 Yes SUBMIT
https://satoristudio.net/ 36 Yes SUBMIT
https://breaklineagency.com/ 35 Yes SUBMIT
https://seosandwitch.com/ 35 Yes SUBMIT
https://ninepeaksmedia.com/ 35 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.seoworks.com/ 35 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.techstrange.com/ 34 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.enetation.co.uk/ 33 Yes SUBMIT
https://asknoypi.com/ 33 Yes SUBMIT
http://www.lbswebsoft.com/ 33 Yes SUBMIT
https://seo-trench.com/ 32 Yes SUBMIT
https://joseangelostudios.com/ 31 Yes SUBMIT
https://ben-seo.com/ 30 Yes SUBMIT
https://seeromega.com/ 27 Yes SUBMIT
https://rankvy.io/ 26 Yes SUBMIT
https://orbitingweb.com/ 26 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.bayleafdigital.com/ 25 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.dricki.com/ 24 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.semupdates.com/ 23 Yes SUBMIT
https://medianovas.com/ 23 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.betacompression.com/ 22 Yes SUBMIT
https://ranksnack.com/ 22 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.palmettosoft.com/ 21 Yes SUBMIT
https://structuredseo.com/ 21 Yes SUBMIT
https://abhiseo.com/ 21 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.sitereq.com/ 20 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.4seohelp.com/ 20 Yes SUBMIT
https://vancouverseoagency.ca/ 18 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.shounakgupte.com/ 18 Yes SUBMIT
https://thesmt.com/ 17 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.seoshouts.com/ 17 Yes SUBMIT
https://adonwebs.com/ 16 Yes SUBMIT
https://digitalgarg.com/ 14 Yes SUBMIT
https://allensearch.com/ 14 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.bitwisebranding.com/ 14 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.seoexpertstuff.com/ 13 Yes SUBMIT
https://canadawestseo.com/ 13 Yes SUBMIT
https://nomwebsolution.com/ 13 Yes SUBMIT
http://profcontent.com/ 11 Yes SUBMIT
https://searchenginecage.com/ 11 Yes SUBMIT
https://wildfireseomarketing.com/ 10 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.netwebtechs.com/ 10 Yes SUBMIT
http://seo-aide.com/ 6 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.digitalmarketingandbeyond.com/ 7 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.chatterbuzzmedia.com/ 43 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.digitalsuccess.us/ 34 Yes SUBMIT
https://marketingtechnews.net/ 58 Yes SUBMIT
https://digitalnovas.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.smarterdigitalmarketing.co.uk/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.ethanetechnologies.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://marketingunfolded.com/ 28 Yes SUBMIT
https://goodnoon.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.techdee.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://seoaudit.agency/ 29 Yes SUBMIT
https://growthhackers.com/ 67 Yes SUBMIT
http://www.technicalmindsweb.com/ 18 Yes SUBMIT
https://propelyourcompany.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://successgainer.com/ 17 Yes SUBMIT
https://themarketingfolks.com/ 30 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.themarketingscope.com/ 40 Yes SUBMIT
https://leveltensolutions.com/ 16 Yes SUBMIT
https://technians.com/ 40 Yes SUBMIT
https://sceptermarketing.com/ 45 Yes SUBMIT
https://seoscout.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://localmarketinginstitute.com/ 45 Yes SUBMIT
https://amrzeidan.com/ 23 Yes SUBMIT
https://pearllemon.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.omologist.com/ 27 Yes SUBMIT
https://understandingecommerce.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.techpocket.org/ 53 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.socialpilot.co/ 55 Yes SUBMIT
https://beatrixapp.com/ 34 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.xploreinstitute.com/ 36 Yes SUBMIT
https://digitalbrandinginstitute.com/ 44 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.theimarketingcafe.com/ 28 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.digitalgrads.com/ 33 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.regexseo.com/ 37 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.6sdigital.com/ 22 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.effectiveinboundmarketing.com/ 38 Yes SUBMIT
https://www.spiderseocompany.com/ 21 Yes SUBMIT
https://learninbound.com/ 40 Yes SUBMIT

How to Get Guest Posts Approved

A successful guest posting campaign is about quality content and the ability to add value to other websites.

It’s important to adhere to the tips below so that you get more guest posts accepted and get a better ROI on your time.

Build Great Content

The most important tip in getting more guest post approvals is to build amazing content.

This means content that is easily readable, includes videos, text, links, and a user-friendly layout that is easy to consume.

Your content should include both external and internal links, a good heading structure, and an easy to read voice.

Here are 7 great blog post templates by Brian Dean of Backlinko that will help you layout your SEO guest post.

Follow the Guidelines

You want to also remember to read over each website’s guidelines because they are usually very specific about the topics you can write about, how long the articles should be, how many links, etc.

guest posting guidelines

Some guest posting opportunities will have a minimum of 600 words while some maybe 2,000 words. Be sure to read the guest posting guidelines at each site to follow their rules exactly. This will ensure that your guest posts get approved and you get those links.

Add Media

Adding images, videos, graphs, and other media to your content can increase its rankings as well as increase your approval rates.

seo blog guest posting

This is because having rich media in your content is overall best practice for SEO optimized articles and more SEOs see that and want to feature that content on their website because they know it’s going to bring in traffic.

Media itself can also attract backlinks and shares on social media which can help promote the guest post even more.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, there are plenty of great SEO blogs to submit guest post opportunities to. Just remember to follow the guidelines of each SEO blog and build great content that gives value to the readers of the website.

Do you have more SEO blogs to add? Comment below.


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