8 Tools For Successful Google Adwords Campaigns

Google AdWords is probably the most powerful advertising platform on earth.

You can reach customers at the very moment they’re looking for products similar to yours.

You also get access to targeting tools that ensure your ads are shown only to the best prospects. Over time, this platform has increased in sophistication. Cue to its success, a lot of competitors have been attracted to Google AdWords.

To stay on top, you may need external tools. Here are the best tools to help you succeed In your Google AdWords campaigns.


wordstream Wordstream is one of the most popular AdWords tools today. Their claim to fame is the “20-minute PPC workweek”.

The promise is that you could potentially cut down your PPC management time to 20 minutes. This is possible because of their advanced reporting tools and automated alerts.

Wordstream covers the entire range of actions related to managing your Adwords campaigns This includes keyword research, improving your quality score, and managing bids The user Interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Since the company has been around for many years they have fine-tuned their software. As a result, you get to improve your campaigns with a tool that’s a pleasure to use.


This amazing tool has been around for a while. It helps you decide if a given page is more likely to perform better than a previous one. This process is known as split testing. It is an essential part of improving your Google AdWords campaigns.

The SplitTester tool Is free to use and simple as well. All you need to do is to type In the number of clicks you got as well as your Click Through Rate (CTR). The tool will then display the level of certainty you can have with each result. Regular split testing can lead to exponential profits. In fact, without it, you can’t compete In most industries.


Optimizing your AdWords Quality Scores Is the key to affordable and successful campaigns.

Failing to maintain a good score can lead to your account getting shut down. At the very least, your ads will cost more since a good Quality Score will reduce your cost per click.

TenScores exists to help with this aspect of running Google AdWords campaigns. It lets you easily view and manage your Quality scores from a simple dashboard. You get a clear picture of how much money you could be saving. To top that, you will also receive suggestions on how you can Improve your ad groups and campaigns.

Get this tool if you receive a significant amount of traffic from Google AdWords.


adbeatAdbeat is a great tool to research your competition. This platform can show you detailed information about your competitors’ ads.

it goes beyond Google AdWords as well. You can create new strategies by watching activities on various advertising platforms. As a result, you might be able to increase your profits lust by making a few adjustments. The power of Adbeat lies In showing you trends. You can see how much money an advertiser Is spending on their ads. You can also analyze their top-performing landing pages and avoid missing new opportunities coming up in your Industry.

AdWords Editor

You need this tool If you run large Google AdWords campaigns.

The editor was created by Google to help advertisers speed up their work. You can download your campaigns Into the tool which allows you to work even when you’re offline.

If you manage multiple accounts, the AdWords Editor has you covered. Do you need to make changes across all your accounts? The editor can do that too. There is functionality for you to share drafts with clients. This way you can get approval before making the changes live. This Is perfect for agencies and AdWords consultants.

The AdWords Editor is easy and quick to Install. Just download the application and you will never go back!


After people click on your ads, they’re going to expect a trustworthy and responsive landing page. Lead Pages is a perfect tool for your AdWords lead generation campaigns.

It’s easy to use, affordable, and thousands of businesses are already using It. The pages you get are mobile responsive and the designs are attractive. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to get a nice landing page online. If you want to take payments, there is an option for that as well. You can also integrate Lead Pages with your favorite CRM.

According to testimonials, many businesses have seen consistent improvements in conversions.

Google AdWords App

This app allows you to check your Google AdWords performance on the go.

You don’t have the full functionality of the desktop app but its still a useful tool. For example, you may need to see what’s going on with your campaigns as you rush to a meeting with a client. You an also quickly update bids or budgets right in the app. The app also makes it easy to call a Google expert.

The app is free and you download it from the Google Play store.